Hey there!  
I'm Eileen, a graphic designer with a special love for Brand Design. 
At the beginning of the Covid Isolation Era, a friend asked if I'd draw a logo for her new business. For some reason, I knew I couldn't just draw a logo, I needed to understand the spirit of her business, who she wanted to reach, and what she hoped to accomplish.  I started doing some research, fell down the rabbit hole of brand design, and when I reemerged, I was obsessed.
With a life-long background as an artist, and a degree in Art History- when I found brand design, everything just clicked into place. I began freelancing from the beginning as a way to learn as I went. I've loved every minute of it, and I look forward to seeing where this takes me next. 
I'd love to chat about prospective projects, and talk about how we can take you from being a business to a brand.
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